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Digital Innovation and Software Development

digital product development
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Accept that product innovation is a discovery journey with a moving target.

If you ask your target customers what they want, they will only be able to formulate their requirements for a digital product in vague terms, if at all. It is illusory that you can then specify all product requirements down to the last detail. So, it is better to develop exploratively in one direction, validate it and correct your course as needed. For this, your development processes need the necessary agility and flexibility.

Focus on the product features which are most valuable for your target customers.

Focus on getting the core product features up and running as quick as possible. It is advisable to keep the development scope small, especially in the early phases of product development. We are not talking shortcuts, but simply focus on the few core functionalities that make up the product. The goal is to have something to lay in users hands and observe them interact with the product. Based on these insights you know what to do in order to satisfy your user needs best. Then release new features in small packages in an iterative process along the principles of "Design - Build - Test".

Develop in short, time-boxed sprints and validate the outcome against real users.

Agile development sprints according to Scrum or similar process methods have proven themselves for the development of digital products. Sprints allow the development course to be corrected in order to react to changing user needs. The fact that sprints are time-boxed allows for pragmatic resource planning. The cost for sprints are fixed, therefore keeping the financial risk limited and manageable at all times. So, one sprint follows the other as long as the outcome is valuable.

Our Offerings

Software MVP Development

Get a working Minimum Viable Product within days for your digital product idea you can use to validate your concept. No need for detailed requirements. Tell us about your idea and we anticipate the rest.

From CHF 10K

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Design and Development Sprints

Accelerate your innovation and progress through our agile sprints with tangible results.

Digital Solution Development

Get web, mobile, or IoT applications tailored to your users needs.

Tailor-made SaaS

Get an individual Software-as-a-Service Solution exactly matching your requirements.

PO as a Service

Get a product owner who masters business and technology for your project.

Requirement Engineering

Get your business requirements translated into implementable, technical requirements.

Specific Expertise

Extend your team with the digital competencies you still need.

Individual Consulting

Get individual expertise for your challenges.

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What is a digital product?

We define a digital product as a software or Internet of Things application that satisfies one or more needs of its target customers. The core functionality of digital products is the creation, management and provision of information of any kind. This information helps to make better decisions, facilitates work or entertains.

What is a Sprint?

Sprint is a repeatable fixed time box in which a potentially shippable product is designed and developed. Sprint is the core of the agile Sprint methodology. The goal of a sprint is to generate the highest possible added value within a fixed time budget.

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