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I especially liked the speed. I was impressed with how quickly EMBRIO was able to understand our challenge and respond to changes.
P. W., Manager Digital Transformation
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When modernizing legacy software systems, two things are important: an understanding of business processes and technical expertise. EMBRIO has both and works very solution-oriented in addition.
R. M., CTO
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Our expectations of the Cloud Migration Workshop were met very well. The workshop was not a "business blah-blah", but rather profound in content and concrete on a technical level.
B. E., Developer
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MongoDB Agile Development Node.js User-centred Design React DevOps Kubernetes Cloud Operation

The Pharmaceutical Care Research Group at the University of Basel aims to expand and strengthen the medical consultation and decision-making competencies of pharmacy personnel when dispensing medications. We develop a web-based software, with which dynamic questionnaires for anamnesis, decision support for drug selection and consultation content can be digitally recorded, managed and presented to the users. The digital consultation tool pharMe trains and supports pharmacy personnel in obtaining medical histories and selecting medications, while documenting the consultation automatically—currently for dispensing emergency contraception.

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Scrum Node.js Vue.js Puppeteer Docker Kubernetes GitLab DevOps CI/CD

To respond quicker and more innovatively to customer needs, the company reamis relies on efficiency in the development and maintenance of its software products. increases development efficiency through active co-development and targeted measures in the areas of team setup, process & organization methods, DevOps, and technology stack & architecture. A hybrid architecture of new and existing components enables a gradual and efficient modernization of the reamis software towards a modern, performant and scalable cloud native application.

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Node.js Express Agile Sprints Pub/Sub Cloud Architecture OAuth2 React MongoDB Python Micro Services Tracer Bullet GitLab CI/CD Real-time data processing

For their next product, a wearable system that measures and interprets brain signals from the ear canal, IDUN Technologies aims to implement a scalable, secure and versatile cloud data processing pipeline. quickly and efficiently develops the minimum necessary functionalities, and also ensures future expandability of the solution for secure operations at scale. Within a few weeks, an event-based data processing pipeline based on state-of-the-art technology and cloud services is realized, which allows for the first customer applications to be implemented.

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Express Node.js React REST API Architecture Docker Kubernetes JSON web token (JWT) Agile Development

Tamedia’s print archive was outdated. Suffering from poor usability and incompatibility with their modern news products, it called for a replacement. We used a state of the art technology stack combined with an efficient development approach to deliver a quality solution quickly. EMBRIO developed and operates a digital solution allowing readers to browse the print archives of 12 news products.

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Wireframing User-centred design MEAN Stack Angular 7 Express Node.js Bootstrap CSS MongoDB

Usage of available machine data to provide added value. Provide the information which triggers actions or decisions. Build an online dashboard and test it with real customers.

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agile development user-centered design Python Django REST API embedded systems LoRaWAN Bootstrap CSS NFC/RFID

Fire hydrants can be retrofitted with sensors to transmit telemetry data about their usage, and their status...but what is the added value of such an IoT application? A user-centered and agile approach to IoT applications allows to pinpoint and implement only their essential and value-adding functionalities. The resulting IoT application "NERO Smart Hydrant" improves the experience of the target users.

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Node.js React Agile Development MongoDB

In order to provide customers with digital access to its rental services, Rent-à-Porter needed a simple and intuitive online rental workflow. quickly defined and developed a simple web application covering the unique rental workflow of Rent-à-Porter. A Clean and Intuitive Cloud-Native Web Application Delivered “as-a-service” to Rent-à-Porter.

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Node.js React Stripe Agile Development Python Embedded Linux Growth Hacking User-centered Design Entrepreneurship IoT

Validation of the market potential for social media automation in Switzerland based on a pilot project. Automated interactions mimic the owner of the social media profile to appear as real and human as possible. Development and distribution of a digital service based on software and hardware within only six weeks.

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Data flow modeling Scrum Kanban next.js React REST API Architecture

Modernize the publishing value chain for composing and delivering digital news content to increase quality, productivity and cost efficiency. We translate user requirements into an implementable digital solution architecture because we master both the technical and the business side. With the support of EMBRIO, Tamedia has successfully managed to replace an outdated legacy CMS and to launch fresh news web apps for twelve of its media products.

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wireframing Bootstrap CSS Django Python

Providing a laser cutting infrastructure required a lot of manual administrational effort and no digital solution was available out of the box. We carefully analyzed user needs to implement the suitable digital management tool. An operational system to reduce administrational effort and to automatically invoice users was developed.

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Tiny YOLO Tensorflow OpenCV MQTT Embedded Linux

Human-performed tasks in production are prone to costly mistakes. Thanks to a combination of machine learning and computer vision, smart cameras offer a practical solution to monitor human-performed activities in production. developed a smart camera application to detect potentially harmful errors in cluttered production environments.

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