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Cloud Potential Exploitation

Do you want to run your software solution natively on the infrastructure of a cloud provider to benefit from extended automation, lower fixed costs and more flexibility?

Cloud Consulting and Engineering

cloud potential exploitation
What matters

Reduce infrastructure and operational complexity.

The transition to the cloud represents a unique opportunity to simplify your digital estate and elevate your cloud practices. Thanks to the accessibility of higher level services such as PaaS or SaaS you can now reduce the complexity of operating your digital estate at scale and free up precious resources to improve sour solutions. The identification of the best-suited cloud services requiring the least-invasive changes to your existing application architecture are key to unlock operational efficiencies.

Achieve true elasticity and optimize your cloud spendings.

With great power comes great responsibility! Having access to virtually unlimited computing power bears the risk of running oversized workloads and of wasting precious resources. In fact, things can easily get out of control in the public cloud and at the cost of an intimidating bill at the end of the month. To ensure this risk is mitigated, it is important that resources are dynamically scaled to match demand as close as possible; but this can only be achieved with the right architecture and with a proper design.

Implement a solid governance model for your cloud environment.

A governance model is a carefully designed set of rules and processes established by an organization that operates in a cloud environment to enhance data security, manage risks, and keep things running smoothly. With the convenience of the cloud employees can develop their own systems and deploy assets with the click of a mouse. However, this increased convenience also brings with it a new breed of security and operational concerns. A well architected governance model ensures that all aspects from asset deployment to systems interfaces to information security is properly considered, examined, and managed.

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Cloud Application Operation

Let your team work alongside our experienced DevOps specialists. You bring the application knowledge and we bring cutting edge automation and observability. Together we run your software application ensuring availability, security and scalability.

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Cloud Architecture

Learn how to design your software architecture for the cloud for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Micro Service Design

Learn how to split your application into modular and horizontally scalable units.

Cloud Service Expertise

Learn how to use the cloud services of Google Cloud, AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Managed Kubernetes

Let experienced specialists manage your Kubernetes clusters.

Specific Expertise

Extend your team with the digital competencies you still need.

Individual Consulting

Get individual expertise for your challenges.

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