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Development Efficiency Improvement

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CI/CD and DevOps Engineering and Consulting

development efficiency improvement
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Identify the bottlenecks in your current development and operation model.

Those who want to react quickly and agilely to changing user or market needs with their software products and workflow tools depend on efficient DevOps processes (development and operations). To make these processes more efficient, bottlenecks can be identified in four areas. The areas are your team setup, your process and organizational methods (e.g., Scrum, Kanban), your DevOps tools (e.g., Git, Jenkins), and your technology stack. When these four areas are optimally aligned, you achieve maximum DevOps performance.

Strive for the shortest possible software release cycles using CI/CD automation.

With automated and continuous pipelines for code integration, deployment and delivery (CI/CD), repetitive, manual and error-prone steps in the software release cycle can be substituted. In addition, automated testing can detect potential bugs before the new code reaches the production environment. With a professionally set up CI/CD pipeline, you can ideally release new software and updates continuously (e.g. daily) and keep the risk of downtime to a minimum.

Achieve flexibility in development without compromising the stability of operations.

Users expect robustness, high availability and security from software. To enable software developers to work as efficiently as possible, however, they want development environments that are as free and unregulated as possible. This allows developers to quickly build and test new features. The art of designing a software development and operating model is to overcome this fundamental conflict of interest. Efficient software development means flexibility in development and stability in operation.

Our Offerings

Development Pipeline Analysis

Get a holistic analysis of your current development and operating model by experts who understand the technical and business side of software development. We identify bottlenecks and fields of action for improvement.

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Integration and Deployment Strategy

Get smart concepts on how to review, test and deliver your software.

Repository Management

Let us manage your code repositories so your developers can focus on developing a great product.

CI/CD Engineering

Receive qualified support for building your CI/CD pipelines.

Individual Consulting

Get individual expertise for your challenges.

What is DevOps?

DevOps describes an approach that combines development and IT operations. The goal of DevOps is to shorten development cycles and simplify the maintenance and operation of applications.

What does CI/CD stand for?

The acronym CI/CD stands for continuous integration, continuous deployment and delivery of software using a set of practices and automation tools. The goal of CI/CD is to improve collaboration and quality.

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