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In order to provide customers with digital access to its rental services, Rent-à-Porter needed a simple and intuitive online rental workflow.

Rent-à-Porter is a contemporary clothes rental for fashion and advertising located in Zürich. Rent-à-Porter aims to reduce clothing waste and costs associated with the production of professional photoshoots and TV Commercials. Its archive stores about 3’000 unique contemporary pieces, available for rent to professionals like stylists, photographers or creatives but also for private customers. Rent-à-porter had the vision of digitalising its services by offering an online version of its archive, to simplify and increase the convenience of its rentals. However, a screening of available off-the-shelf solutions, highlighted that no existing software was suitable for covering the particular rental workflow of this startup.

Approach quickly defined and developed a simple web application covering the unique rental workflow of Rent-à-Porter.

At the beginning of the project, EMBRIO developed together with Rent-à-Porter several wireframes to define the requirements of the gallery showcasing the fashion items, the custom filtering criteria as well as the desired checkout and management functionalities. In a first implementation of the core functionalities, the platform was validated and tested with a small subset of products and key users. The feedback collected with the prototype implementation was used to refine the usability of the application, by for example including a bottom navigation bar to achieve a better usability on mobile devices. Furthermore strict guidelines for pictures were jointly defined, so that the consistency in terms of the look and feel of the brand, was guaranteed on the platform.


A Clean and Intuitive Cloud-Native Web Application Delivered “as-a-service” to Rent-à-Porter.

The resulting cloud native progressive web application is delivered to Rent-à-Porter “as-a-service”, whereas EMBRIO takes care of all necessary aspects to ensure a smooth operation in the cloud, including scaling, healthkeeping, backup and monitoring of the solution. Thanks to this approach, the customer can enjoy the convenience of the digitalisation, without having to spend effort on undesired deployments and maintenance tasks. Furthermore, thanks to this approach, minor improvements can quickly be applied to the platform, therefore always ensuring a fluid experience for the users.


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