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Digital Tech Due Diligence

Do you plan to invest in a business and want to make sure the underlying digital technology is worth your investment?

Digital Technology Due Diligence

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What matters

Code never lies. Assess the quality of the technology by looking at the code.

Qualitative assessments through Q&A offer good insights of how the tech team operates and thus give you a first indication of the technical quality. However, the spoken word quickly sounds convincing and the paper with elaborated architectural diagrams might not represent the actual implementation.

Therefore any qualitative approach never offers much more beyond a gut feeling. Thus, digging deeper and taking a look under the hood, into the code base, are essential to turn gut feelings into validated facts.

Appraise not only the technology itself, but also the competencies of its engineers.

Apart from the technology itself, a tech DD is an assessment of an organisation's ability to deliver the technology. Therefore it is critical to get as much face-time with the tech team as possible - the best setup is always to apply the dual-approach of qualitative Q&A and hands-on deep dives into the code base and architecture. How the team responds to challenges, the quality of explanations and their thought-process or decision-making are just as important, as the effective code written.

Estimate the effort required to reach the envisioned technology state.

Before investing into a business, you may want to get an estimate of how far off the current technology is from sustaining the next milestones or the business goals. Specifically: How much product or technology development effort is still needed? This gap analysis not only helps you to validate the investment amount, but also impacts the valuation of the target and gives an idea about subsequent funding needs.

Get a software engineer's expert opinion who's engaged in coding day in, day out.

Only through building digital solutions and immersing yourself in coding problems on a daily basis, one is capable to keep up with the latest technology stacks & frameworks, to identify the bottlenecks in performant software or to find the best solution to a coding challenge - put simply: to distinguish great code from just code.

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Red Flag Assessment

Have your investment target's digital technology assessed by experts to identify the gaps between business ambitions and technology limitations. Gain confidence in the return potential of your next investment.

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Quality Assessment

Get an assessment of code quality and usability.

Scalability Assessment

Get an assessment of the ability to support to a growing user base.

Security Assessment

Get an assessment regarding the security of data and intellectual property.

Agility Assessment

Get an assessment of the ability to adapt to changes.

Maintainability Assessment

Get an assessment of maintenance and operations effort.

Resilience Assessment

Get an estimate of the risk for disruptions and downtime.

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