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Digital Product Development

Software MVP Development

Get a working Minimum Viable Product within days for your digital product idea you can use to validate your concept. No need for detailed requirements. Tell us about your idea and we anticipate the rest.

From CHF 10K

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Legacy Software Modernization

Information Technology Assessment

Have your technology stack reviewed by vendor-neutral experts so that you can continue to rely on future-proof technology. We highlight measures to improve the speed, usability and cost of ownership of your applications.

From CHF 8K

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Cloud Potential Exploitation

Cloud Migration Strategy Workshop

Together we analyze your current software Operating Model and derive a vision for a Cloud Operating Model and action plan. We take a close look at your software's architecture to improve it for better cloud performance.

From CHF 8K

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Business Process Digitization

Efficiency Improvement Sprint

Strive for operational excellence. Within three weeks, we collect your employees' ideas for improving your business processes, we evaluate their potential and implement the most promising idea in a MVP.

From CHF 14.5K

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Development Efficiency Improvement

Development Pipeline Analysis

Get a holistic analysis of your current development and operating model by experts who understand the technical and business side of software development. We identify bottlenecks and fields of action for improvement.

From CHF 8K

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Quick Check

Get insights on how to improve search engine ranking performance of your website. We do a brief analysis of your websites' current SEO implementation. We derive practical recommendations for better rankings.

CHF 500

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Latest Work

Projects we have recently realized.

Node.js React Agile Development MongoDB

In order to provide customers with digital access to its rental services, Rent-à-Porter needed a simple and intuitive online rental workflow. quickly defined and developed a simple web application covering the unique rental workflow of Rent-à-Porter. A Clean and Intuitive Cloud-Native Web Application Delivered “as-a-service” to Rent-à-Porter.

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Node.js Express Agile Sprints Pub/Sub Cloud Architecture OAuth2 React MongoDB Python Micro Services Tracer Bullet GitLab CI/CD Real-time data processing

For their next product, a wearable system that measures and interprets brain signals from the ear canal, IDUN Technologies aims to implement a scalable, secure and versatile cloud data processing pipeline. quickly and efficiently develops the minimum necessary functionalities, and also ensures future expandability of the solution for secure operations at scale. Within a few weeks, an event-based data processing pipeline based on state-of-the-art technology and cloud services is realized, which allows for the first customer applications to be implemented.

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