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IoT and AI Data Processing for Brain Signal Analysis

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For their next product, a wearable system that measures and interprets brain signals from the ear canal, IDUN Technologies aims to implement a scalable, secure and versatile cloud data processing pipeline.

The technology startup IDUN Technologies is a pioneer in the field of dry-Contact and comfortable electrodes for long-term measurements of biopotential signals such as ECG and EEG as well as their processing and interpretation. IDUN's technology makes it possible to measure and interpret brain activity via headphones. This enables, for example, devices to match music to the actual listener's state of mind.

To bring the technology to application, IDUN needs a scalable, secure, and versatile cloud data processing pipeline. The pipeline should communicate EEG signals in real-time from the headphones to the cloud, store them, analyze them with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and make the analysis (e.g. state of mind) available to user applications (e.g. music app) via an API. To realize the pipeline in time for the launch of a development kit, IDUN needs short term access to additional and complementary skills in full-stack development, IoT data processing and cloud services.

Approach quickly and efficiently develops the minimum necessary functionalities, and also ensures future expandability of the solution for secure operations at scale.

For startups and innovations in general, it is crucial to turn ideas into functioning and testable solutions as quickly as possible. This is the only way to clearly demonstrate the promised added value and the development progress—for example to customers or investors. Developing quickly means compromising on the functional scope and focusing on the requirements that are mission critical. Nevertheless, it is important to make all design and development decisions in such a way that the solution can be expanded in the future and operated in a secure and scalable manner. At, we therefore focus from the very beginning on a software architecture that is compatible with our customers' ambitious visions and meets future-proof security and technology standards.


Within a few weeks, an event-based data processing pipeline based on state-of-the-art technology and cloud services is realized, which allows for the first customer applications to be implemented. designs and implements a data processing pipeline for IDUN that is designed to collect and analyze EEG data in real-time from a variety of smart headphones and to make the results of the analysis available via an OAuth2-protected REST API for further use by customer applications. This provides IDUN with the digital framework needed to bring their technology to initial market applications. This framework allows IDUN's engineering and R&D team to focus on their core competencies (brain signal measurement and algorithmic analysis) without compromising on important issues such as data security, performance and future scalability.


micro services implemented

200 Hz

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