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4 Common DevOps Mistakes and How To Avoid Them – A Booklet

By Filippo11/9/2022

DevOps Infinite
DevOps: Increase speed, improve stability and reliability over the entire application life cycle.

What Is DevOps and Why Does it Matter?

DevOps originates from the combination of concepts and practices from: lean manufacturing, the agile manifesto and the continuous delivery movement. It Brings the development and operations teams under the same roof to enforce collaboration across the entire application lifecycle.

DevOps builds upon three fundamental principles:

  1. The principle of flow – strive for a stable, faultless and unconstrained movement of work across the necessary worksteps.
  2. The principle of feedback – leverage the information captured from downstream steps to timely mitigate and correct problems at their origin.
  3. The principle of ongoing learning – foster a culture of experimentation, controlled risk-taking and learning from failure.

DevOps adopters achieve three major advantages:

  • Increased speed in software creation and release
  • Improved stability and reliability of the solution and process
  • More responsiveness to varying surrounding conditions

Embracing the DevOps mindset can be a challenging process for organizations. Although there is no standard recipe to follow in a DevOps transformation, and each company must come up with its own best approach; experience shows that there are some common mistakes and pitfalls that can be easily avoided. Our booklet summarizes our learning from several implementation projects and provides insights about what in our opinion are the most common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid. Curious? You'll find the download link below!

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